Rest in Peace Aloysius

For my precious little daschund:
Mobile was a lonely city before I found you. You were the friendliest pup in the litter with a little red nose and a dark stripe down your back. I took you home and you slept curled up next to me every night for the next 7 years.
I'll forever remember your love of playing ball and how much you loved to dig. You would fetch for hours on end and always bring the ball back and drop it at my feet just the way I taught you. My favorite memory is of our trips to the beach where people walking by would laugh when all they saw was your little tail sticking straight up out of a monsterous hole in the sand.
And I'll never be able to look at chunks of rocks the same. I'm not sure what your affinity to playing with rocks was, but it's funny and I'll love you for it forever.
I'm going to miss you little man! Run free in heaven Ally D....love you, see you.