For Olivia

So my bestie Lu, from Avery Tales asked her followers to write a post about a person who has changed their life in memory and honor of her beloved Olivia. I am more than happy to oblige! The problem is, I don't know of any one person who has "changed" my life, but I know of several who have made it sweeter, happier, more laughter-filled, comfortable and many more things just by being in it. So, in memory of sweet Olivia, my blog is about her wonderful mommy, Lu and how much she means to my life.

Lu and I have been friends since first grade. We danced together, went to daycare together, were in the same class sometimes. The great part about our friendship is that even though since graduating high school we've not lived in the same town, we can still call each other whenever and know the other is going to listen, help, laugh with or cry with....whatever is required. It brings tears to my eyes knowing I've been blessed with a friend like that. I'm a lucky girl!!

I can honestly say that Lu is the one non-family person who knows me better than anyone. She knows that I'm a lot of talk and really hate confrontation (unless I'm blowing up at the Dance Team sponsor). She also knows that no matter how frustrated I get, I'm a parent pleaser....and I know she is too. I have been there for some of her happiest times even if it's via phone and she's shared mine as well. And I've shared some of her darkest hours in person and spirit as she has ventured into mine as well. She's the one friend I know I can count on for a prayer, a kind word, a good story, anything to keep me sane. I also know she's going to "get" me. She understands my sense of humor and my beliefs and my idiosyncracies, just as I know hers.

Anyway, I am a better friend, woman, daughter because of Lu with her listening ear and open heart. And even though we're miles away and only see each other a handful of times throughout the year, I know we share a friendship that will last 'til we're old and gray. We'll be sitting beside a tropical pool with margaritas. We'll still laugh and cry and remember the defining times in our friendship all the while giggling about the cabana boys in their cute little swim trunks.

By the way, I just realized that Lu and I have been friends since first grade meaning that we've been a part of the other's life almost 25 years...that's longer than a Hollywood marriage by at least 5 times. Love you, Lu!