My first Blog

So with all the crazy in the world, I figured I'd add mine.
I originally hesitated to create a blog for a few reasons:

#1: I don't have a kid, so I'm gonna have to work extra hard on Wordless Wednesdays.

#2: My job is a little crazy so I don't know how well I'll keep up in the first place...what with the boys (more on them later) and animals I've got hanging around.

#3: I'm not sure everyone wants to hear about my little take on the world around me. But have you read some of the blogs out there....wowee is all I'm saying!

So here's my venture into the blogosphere. I hope you guys enjoy. I'm so open to suggestions since I'm a newbie.


Avery Tales said...

Look who's joined the bloggy world!! Welcome to your new addiction!!

Tiffany said...

Yay!! I know you will have great stuff!