In LOVE- the new man in my life

UPDATE: He has a name! Tyler Preston

The title says it all! I'm sooo head over heels in love right now. And I don't expect it to go away any time soon. I have a brand new man in my life and boy is he adorable.

Take a look!

This is my friend Amy's brand new baby boy! I don't think Scott will be too jealous, however, he going to be nervous about me catching the "fever".

Anyway, Fred...that's the name I've given him since Amy and her husband haven't decided yet...was born at 10:50pm last night. He weighs 7lbs 6oz and is 19 in long. He has a headful of hair and blue eyes...even though Amy says all babies have blue eyes for the first couple of days.

I'm super-psyched because Amy only lives 2 minutes from my house so I can see the little booger any time I want...unless Amy bans me for calling him "Fred". I see all kinds of possibilities for this little guys future...I cannot wait to see him grow up!

Amy's already talking about him needing a girlfriend and she says that's my job. I'm not so sure, maybe I need to change a few diapers before all of that madness takes place....but I am feeling a little tickle in my throat, maybe the "fever" has already set in!!!


Avery Tales said...

Okay, before I get too excited about the possible fever setting in I must YELL AT YOU FOR GIVING THAT SWEET BABY SUCH A HEINOUS NICKNAME!!! Take it back!! Call him Peanut, Booger, ANYTHING BUT FRED!! Evil Aunt Jenn.

Whew..now that I've gotten that out of my system. Yay for the fever, but you need something shiny first! :)