Still Singing!

Okay, I'm adding more to my Christmas song barrage. I got this article from MSN's website.

10 Worst Holiday Songs
And why we hate them . . .
1. Dominick the Donkey, Lou Monte--If we wanted to hear that much braying, we’d sit next to our asthmatic uncle Fred. WTF! I have never ever heard of Dominick.
2. Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer, Elmo & Patsy--Because Nana’s drinking is no laughing matter. Totally agree with the song, but the reason is a little lame...drunk Nana is always fun!
3. The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don’t Be Late), The Chipmunks & David Seville--Regrettably, the Xanax is in our other purse. I actually like this one, however, it could be grating after the 476th listen
4. Jingle Bells, The Singing Dogs--Hmmm, barking dogs. See also: reasons to move. Not sure what this one is...and I think that's good.
5. Feliz Navidad, Jose Feliciano--The only Spanish we retained from high school. So not true...I also learned the Elephant song in 9th grade Spanish...thanks Mrs. Smith
6. I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, Tommie Connor--Fanning the fears of infidelity and broken marriages since 1952. Hehehe...I like this reason
7. Mamacita, Donde Esta Santa Claus?, Augie Rios--Sparking the Santa-ain’t-real conversation in homes all across the country. It's probably not necessary to tell you that I have no idea what song they're talking about.
8. Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer--Someone’s gonna yell “like a light bulb!” and think they’re being cute. But they won’t be. I'm the girl yelling "like a light bulb!" What's it to you?!?
9. Christmas in Hollis, Run-DMC--Santa doesn’t get jacked in the ’hood. How festive. Well, of course Reverend Run has a Christmas song, it's now officially a hymn with his congregation (or not)
10.The Christmas Shoes, NewSong--Why would you do this to yourself? Seriously, people take medication to avoid this feeling. I totally agree...this song makes me want to spike the eggnog just a little more.
And my addition to this list...
11. Last Christmas, George Michael (Wham!)--I know it's better to give than to receive, but George, you should've kept it to yourself....ALL of it.

I'll follow up with the Favorite Songs list on Monday!! Have a happy weekend!